one was a book thief, the other stole the sky
charlie - 15 - middle earth

marvel - in the flesh - supernatural


my mu is so weird bc like??? she’s all uR PATHETCI u dont sociaLISE h oW DARE UER SO RUDE

but now she’s telling me that i have cHOUSE OF hwther or not i want to come out for lunch this weekend with ALL THE FAMILY 

im so confused

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Luke Newberry and his gorgeous eyes.

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anime eyes luke newberry light of my life

Luke Newberry - Eradicate (x)

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this is such a sad short film seriously but hes so pretty in it ;u; luke newberry light of my life
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kieren walker in the flesh


Favourite Sebastian Stan Photos (x)

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sebastian stan
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same srsly tho i will never see something more accurate to my life than this

The Hale-Bopp Comet


The Hale-Bopp Comet

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astronomy when i see this comet i always think of asa butterfield bc he was named after this comet like??? i want to be named after a comet

im gonna order pizza but im worried they’ll deliver it to my brother’s end of the house and he’ll be like ‘wtf i didnt order pizza’

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And the mask slips

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stucky steve rogers bucky barnes the first avenger marvel
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im putting this in my about me page